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December 10, 2016
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Mothers and other river champions

My own love of nature and the stream was a gift to me from my parents. My mother was not much of a fisher, being awfully busy with raising six children. But she did catch a fish on a fly rod at age 90, and I have to give her credit for that achievement, even though, when I told her we would release it, she asked, “So what’s the point?”

I remember bringing my first 10-inch “trophy” into the kitchen. Did my dear mother tell me to get that slimy, dripping midget out of her kitchen? Oh, but no, rather she marveled at my “fine fish,” and quick as a wink she fried it in butter for my lunch. Growing up, she always found the time to cook up my fish, or marvel at my fishing prowess. Today I realize how kind and generous she was, then and always. But that, I guess, is what wonderful mothers do and is precisely why we have Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Attention shad fishers! It won’t be long now. Highland Town Judge John A. Traver, Sr., was a font of hunting and fishing lore. When cooking a rabbit, “add a squirrel; one flavor tempers the other”. Fishing for Walleyes at Barryville: “always fish the bubble line”. Fish for shad “when the leaves are the size of a mouse’s ear.” Some experts predict we may see a fine shad run this year based on last year and this year’s good flows on the Delaware. If you’re fishing for shad from a boat, here’s the best tip of all: wear a life vest.

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