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December 08, 2016
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Thoughts on February

Louis Tambino, right, of Yulan, NY met eight-time World Fly Casting Champion Steve Rajeff recently at the Somerset (NJ) Fly Fishing Show.
Contributed photo

Now is also the time to partake in the winter gatherings. The amazing Somerset Fly Show in January and the Fly Fest at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in February are two of the best. It is always better to go with a fishing partner or buddy. Theodore Gordon often fished with a “best chum.” This year, I got to introduce 16-year-old fly fisher Louis to the Somerset (NJ) Fly Fishing Show, where he met eight-time World Casting Champion Steve Rajeff, an experience I imagine he will not soon forget. (See the photo at; click on Arts and Leisure, then on Outdoors to find The Incomplete Tangler column "Thoughts on February.")

Speaking of partners, I’d be remiss if I did not mention my esteemed predecessor in this column, Clem Fullerton. Without fail, Clem’s stories were dependably interesting and amusing. Clem always mentioned his lifelong fishing partner Barbara, who also happens to be his wife and Valentine. These two are proof positive that sharing our experiences makes those experiences that much richer. Of all of the points made in Clem’s fine stories, the banter and sharing between Clem and Barbara may have been the very best parts. Thank you, Clem for all your wonderful stories.

Lastly, here’s a final thought about February: For me, the best part of February has come at last. It’s OVER!