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May 26, 2016
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Lake Huntington

Lake Huntington News December 31

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. I was down in Queens with my sister and her family. We spent a few days in the city. She did not let us stop for one minute; we walked and walked and sweated, it was so hot and muggy. On Christmas Eve we watched ice skating; it was puddle skating.

We saw “The Lion King,” we went to see a Welsh children’s Christmas play (all poetry)—been there, never need to do that
again.  Read more

Lake Huntington News December 17

I still have my flip-flops and T-shirts on; loving this weather, but it would be nice to have a little snow for Christmas, like the kind that comes down and does not stick to the roads.

I had a very busy weekend. The Lake Huntington Red Hatters had their Christmas party at the Narrowsburg Inn on Sunday, December 13. Thank you to Nancy, Dee and Joey for a very nice time and yummy food. The ladies were giving me information to put into the column. God bless them.  Read more

Lake Huntington News December 10

Just got in from an overnight stay away with The Cochecton Youth Group at Aquatopia indoor water park. Had to be 85 degrees, was nice to wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I did not go into the pool, but I enjoyed watching the kids in the pool and on the slides. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thank you Sue for putting this event together for all of us. There will be a vacancy on the Cochecton Youth Commission Board during the 2016 year. Anyone interested should submit a letter of interest for the position, in writing, to: Cochecton Youth Commission P.O.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I spent the holiday with my brother Teddy, who lives in Narrowsburg. Friday I went down to Queens to spend time with my sister and her family and my sister-in-law and her family. I also had my memorial tattoo for my husband worked on.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

Last week was very hard for me, my brother-in-law Mike died on Monday, November 18. I told my sister-in-law that I was really very sad that her husband died but most of my tears are going to be for missing Tommy. So Tommy’s sister lost him and her husband in eight months, we are going to have to be strong through the holidays. When the bag piper played Danny Boy not a dry eye in the house. The after party was at the same bar Tommy’s was in, typical Irish wake, lots of drinking and laughing telling stories.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

Tommy’s sister’s husband, Mike, is dying and I was down in Queens for the last four days to sit with her. My sister-in-law’s name is Eileen. She will have lost her oldest brother and husband within months. So sad—life is so short. Tommy was 66 and Mike is 67; so young. On the way back upstate I had such a strong urge to go sit with Friar Bill. He is only 10 minutes off of Interstate 87. We sat and watched football, and he had me laughing, telling me stories. He is very happy to report that after 10 months and failing six throat swallow tests, he finally passed.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

I just got back from Queens. My sister, brother and I went to Citi Field to see the World Series, yes, that awful game number four. I just watched game number five, and the KC Royals deserve a congratulations. Having been a Mets fan all my life, you’d think I would be used to the disappointments, but it still stings and hurts.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

When I go away for the weekend, I always have a great time. This weekend I stayed home and had a good time. Thursday night I went to Peppino’s Restaurant with friends for dinner. Saturday I went and hung out with my friend Olga, who is housebound. I did not want to go just sit in the house, so on my way home I stopped at Tony’s on The Lake and watched the Mets game; very glad they won. Sunday I met friends at Heinle’s for breakfast; had good food, good laughs. Out and about were Jo and Jack Kelly, Helene Indelicate and her friend Joy, and Earl Burch.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

I feel like a 100-year-old—sore bones, can hardly talk, back hurts, hips are out of whack—but boy did I have fun at my cousin’s 50th wedding anniversary, dancing, singing and having a great time with family. I was up partying until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights. I drank water and watched everyone else get smashed. I said to myself, “Thank God I do not drink; I would have such a hangover tomorrow.” I have such a big family, cousins all over the world. I love each and every one of them, and we all get along.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

I spent a very lovely Sunday afternoon with Fr. Bill watching the Giants football game; they had to lose in the last few minutes. Fr. Bill informed me that he has been in the friary for over a year. He is talking so much better, and he is able to walk to the nurses’ station with a walker and a physical therapist. He says hello and sends his love.  Read more

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