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October 24, 2016
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Lake Huntington

Lake Huntington News

It’s that time of year (or is it? With the snow I am a little confused)—Litter Pluck will be starting soon. If you are interested in helping out to keep Cochecton clean, give Jerry a call at 845/932-8210 for more information. Do I have good news for you? Yes. Lake Huntington is going to have a restaurant open on a Tuesday. The grand opening of Lake View Pizzeria was on Tuesday, April 5, offering pizzas for only $10, toppings extra. The new phone number is 845/932-8131. The restaurant will be open Tuesday through Saturday and closed Sunday and Monday. Stop in and check out their menu.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

March is the one-year anniversary of the good Lord taking my husband Tommy to heaven. I cannot believe it’s been a year already. What have I done in 365 days? What will I do with the rest of my life? Take one day at a time and keep his memory alive in my heart.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

My co-workers and I helped the Sullivan County Boys and Girls Club raise money at their celebrity dinner on Friday night at the Villa Roma. They had a storybook theme, and we chose to do Peter Pan. Yes, I was Captain Hook’s right-hand man, the pirate Smee, the fat pirate with the belly hanging out. My belly only hung out for a picture, but it cost you. There are pictures on Facebook. On Saturday, the Cochecton Youth Group took a trip to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Now I can take that off my bucket list—I always wanted to see them. It was a great show.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

What a great weekend. On Friday night I went out to dinner with friends, and Saturday I went with the Cochecton Youth Group to Mohegan Sun Arena in Pennsylvania to watch the Monster Truck show. Other than the event being very loud, a great time was had by all. On Sunday I went to Barbara Drollinger’s house; her granddaughter is a distributor for “It Works! Greens.” It was nice to see neighbors out. When Barbara asked me to go, I did not want to, but then she said she would make me brownies. I ordered fat-burning pills and Green chews to help you feel full and you lose weight.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

One of the things I like the best about living in Sullivan County is there is always something to do. Friday night I went with a coworker and Mike Sakell of radio station Thunder 102 to the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance to go see “Vagina Monologues.” I was sitting there trying not to giggle or laugh, you know, trying to be mature. That did not last long as I looked around and everyone was cracking up slapping their knees. I could not hold it in any longer. It was readings about the “V,” some very funny, some sad but funny. I did not know there were so many different names for it.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

We were very lucky: no snow. My sister, who lives in Queens, got over two feet, and my oldest brother, Johnny, who lives on Long Island, said he had drifts over five feet. Tommy’s sister, who also lives in Queens, called me today, upset because she and her neighbor had a fight. She shoveled her car out and the neighbor was using a snow blower and blew it all back on her car. My niece had to step in and play referee. I used to hate that—when you clean your spot and someone came and took it. I can assure you their car was not cleared for long.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

Tax season is moving along quite nicely. I think I just jinxed myself, but I would like to thank everyone who comes to visit me. Paul Genco is always stopping by just to chat. I guess we will not be seeing the elephant on the lake any time soon; the lake has to be frozen in order to set up the game that the Republicans usually run every year, guessing when the elephant takes a swim in the spring.  Read more

Lake Huntington News December 31

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. I was down in Queens with my sister and her family. We spent a few days in the city. She did not let us stop for one minute; we walked and walked and sweated, it was so hot and muggy. On Christmas Eve we watched ice skating; it was puddle skating.

We saw “The Lion King,” we went to see a Welsh children’s Christmas play (all poetry)—been there, never need to do that
again.  Read more

Lake Huntington News December 17

I still have my flip-flops and T-shirts on; loving this weather, but it would be nice to have a little snow for Christmas, like the kind that comes down and does not stick to the roads.

I had a very busy weekend. The Lake Huntington Red Hatters had their Christmas party at the Narrowsburg Inn on Sunday, December 13. Thank you to Nancy, Dee and Joey for a very nice time and yummy food. The ladies were giving me information to put into the column. God bless them.  Read more

Lake Huntington News December 10

Just got in from an overnight stay away with The Cochecton Youth Group at Aquatopia indoor water park. Had to be 85 degrees, was nice to wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I did not go into the pool, but I enjoyed watching the kids in the pool and on the slides. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thank you Sue for putting this event together for all of us. There will be a vacancy on the Cochecton Youth Commission Board during the 2016 year. Anyone interested should submit a letter of interest for the position, in writing, to: Cochecton Youth Commission P.O.  Read more

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