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Rohman’s Men’s Winter Olympics: 26 years and counting

March 1, 2012

SHOHOLA, PA — What started out as a men’s cheesecake cooking competition a quarter century ago has evolved into the 26th annual Men’s Winter Olympics held at Rohman’s Inn located in Shohola. The historic structure, which features a small bowling alley where bowlers set their own pins, was thronged with participants and observers on February 25.

As blustery winds swept the region, people poured into the street in front of the inn and a stone’s throw from the Delaware River, where an eagle flew by for an aerial glimpse of the goings-on. Men played horseshoes and tossed kegs along the railroad track while others competed in a crosscut saw event, a bed race and the legendary triathlon, which involves shooting a bb gun and a bow and arrow before polishing off a quart of beer.

Sheila Farrell, who has owned Roh-mans since 1984, said it takes her a week to recover from the successful event whose loyal fans come from all over. As for a Women’s Olympics, Farrell said, “Every year, somebody asks me about it and I say the same thing—get your committee together and come back in April or May and we’ll do it. And nobody ever comes.” Asked for her favorite event as snow flurries swept by outside, Farrell said, “Probably the cooking competition ‘cause it’s indoors.” See our website for more photos.