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Investigate evergreens with ethnobotany group

January 12, 2012

HONESDALE, PA — An ethnobotany group in Honesdale, facilitated by Nathaniel Whitmore, is focusing on evergreens this winter. Members of the group, which meets on Thursdays at 7 p.m., bring in twigs and cones from trees in their neighborhoods or that they gathered during walks in the woods. The specimens are studied in order to learn how to differentiate the various species of pine, spruce, fir etc. that can be found locally. Whitmore was surprised to find that the Western giant Douglas Fir grows (planted) just a couple of blocks from where the herbal group meets. In addition to learning about the botany of these trees, the group enjoys the study of how they were and are used by people, especially by Native Americans who regularly employed conifers as a winter source of vitamin C and as medicine for colds and fevers.

The group learns about local wild plants, American folk medicine, Native American herbal medicine, Chinese pulse assessment, herbs for fevers and colds, mycology and more. It meets at the Honesdale Wellness Center at 602 Church St. Email or call 845/418-6257.