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December 05, 2016
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November 2013

Over the river and through the woods

While I may not be going to grandmother’s house, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many have already made plans. Grateful to have options this year, I’m still vacillating, but might make a few stops on that day. Meanwhile, I’ve been traipsing through the woods, putting miles on the truck and hauling the dog from one end of Sullivan County to the other this past week. At times, I manage to cross the Delaware River and experience what Pennsylvania has to offer, but the county I call home (www.scva.net) covers nearly 1,000-square miles, so there was plenty to keep me occupied without crossing the border during the last few days.  Read more

Car larcenies: The latest crime wave in Sullivan County

Sheriff’s Deputies are battling the latest crime wave to besiege Sullivan County: larcenies from automobiles. In the last 3 months deputies have investigated 53 incidents from Livingston Manor to Rock Hill, from Smallwood to Glen Spey. All the vehicles involved had one thing in common: they were unlocked.  Read more

Growing community; One email at a time

vir•tu•al (adjective):

(1) Very close to being something without actually being it

(2) Existing or occurring on computers or on the Internet

[www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/virtual]  Read more

The madness of mobs, the wisdom of crowds and the paradoxes of democracy

The days before the recent elections were filled with interesting, heartfelt, and vociferous debates among my circles of online friends and correspondents—not about any of the candidates, mind you, or any of the particular issues involved, but rather about whether or not we should even bother to vote.  Read more

‘Two cups packed pumpkin…’

We had a good yield of pumpkins from our garden this year—a grand total of 14 from the few seeds we planted. The plants were lush and twining, woven with the morning glories. They even sought out the branches of the neighboring fir tree for a frolic. Considering our usual lackluster results, this year’s harvest was a bumper crop.  Read more

Homelessness; It’s not just an urban problem

The same factors that contribute to urban homelessness, that is, a lack of affordable housing and insufficient income, also lead to rural homelessness. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness Geography of Homeless report, there are approximately 14 homeless people on average for every 10,000 people in rural areas. Perhaps the most distinguishing factor of rural homelessness is the access to services. Many rural homeless assistance services lack the infrastructure to provide care to their homeless population. Limited modes of transportation and the tendency for federal programs to focus on urban areas are contributing reasons for the lack of adequate services for the rural homeless. Rural areas also tend to have higher rates of poverty.  Read more

Warning about Lyme disease

I am writing to your readers regarding Lyme disease. Discovered in 1975, it has become prevalent in the northeast. In New York, Columbia and Greene counties have the highest rate per capita in the country. I am a transplant from Long Island where a lot of people I know have contracted Lyme disease and have been completely misdiagnosed by their doctors with a host of illnesses from psychiatric disorders to rheumatoid arthritis, with dozens of illnesses in between. (There are over 300 illnesses that mimic Lyme disease.)  Read more

A call for a plant-based diet

The enthusiasm over the opening of a new slaughterhouse in our area comes at a time when many are questioning the wisdom of consuming animals. To quote The River Reporter (October 17-25), “... no matter how much the community supported the idea of a slaughterhouse, almost no one wanted it to be built in their backyard.”  Read more

The spirit of giving

The stock market has been seeing a string of trading days recently that have been setting all-time highs on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the news headlines are declaring this a signal for a season of strong holiday sales. For millions of Americans, however, the recovery from the Great Recession has been incomplete. Incomes remain more than 8% below pre-recession levels. The lingering weakness of the economy has left more than 47 million people (15% of the nation’s population) in poverty. At the same time, governments are rolling back benefits (more than 47 million Americans recently saw their food stamps benefits cut), while private and non-profit social-service groups continue under strain from years of a bad economy.  Read more

Season for the ages

Cheered on by adoring fans including fellow students, staff and of course, their family members, the Eldred Lady Yellow Jacket soccer team boarded a bus bound for the state semifinals in Cortland hoping to continue their historic ride. After defeating Livingston Manor 3-2 with a pair of goals in a minute and a half to win their first Section IX title since 1986, the Eldred juggernaut notched a 2-1 regional final win over Oppenheim/Ephratah/St. Johnsville on a late goal by Jordan Lepes to advance to its first-ever state final four.  Read more