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December 03, 2016
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October 2013

Writer asks: return to ‘government by the people for the people’

The government shutdown upset me greatly. In fact, I started looking at Zombie Apocalypse websites (just kidding) and the media is disgraceful in hyping it all and bringing division amongst our citizens. However it all comes down to this: Do we really have a President who is bipartisan? The answer is obviously no. The Republicans are not liberal Democrats, therefore they do not see the world as the Democrats do. The job of the President is to work with all the Senators and House members to get things done. However what concerns me more is all the U.S.  Read more

Laugh? Cry? Both.

Couldn’t resist commenting on last week’s reporting of LaRouche volunteers showing up in Liberty with posters reading “Impeach Obama: no war in Syria; reinstate Glass-Steagall.” And, for good measure, of course equating him with Hitler. Umm... (a) We aren’t at war with Syria, Obama has steadfastly resisted embarking on another misadventure; (b) Senator Warren (D-MA) sponsored a bill co-signed by John McCain to reinstate certain Glass-Steagall protections, which the president indicated he’d sign. Sooo....”impeach” him for doing precisely what they want, that makes sense.  Read more

The art of the deal

A funny thing happened on the way to placing Proposition 1 on the ballot in New York State in the upcoming general election. Proposition 1 is the proposal to amend the state’s constitution to allow casino-style gaming.  Read more

Four other New York propositions

New York State — Should voters in New York choose to turn over their ballots on election day they will find not only ballot propositions on gambling and the exchange of land in the Adirondacks, but also four other propositions on which they will be able to vote.  Read more

Environmental split over Proposition Five; The Adirondack Land Swap

LEWIS, NY — NYCO Minerals has been mining wollastonite in the Town of Lewis in the Adirondacks for the last 60 years. The company now wants to mine a 200-acre area located about 50 feet away from the current mine. However, that parcel is owned by the state as part of the Adirondack State Forest Preserve and subject to a “forever wild” provision of state land.  Read more

Summer residents’ voter registrations challenged

When Gary Mass, supervisor of the Town of Cochecton, heard that there were about six residents of a seasonal community who registered to vote in Sullivan County, he said he was not really concerned. But when that number rose to 24, a figure that represents about 5% of the voting population, he decided he should take action.  Read more

Wayne library seeks Pike help

As they did earlier this year, Wayne County library officials came before the Pike County Commissioners saying they deserve Pike funding because a large portion of their patrons are Pike residents.  Read more

Sullivan IDA signs Concord deal

Now that there are two lawsuits challenging the proposed casino resort at the site of the former Concord Hotel, the way seems clear for the project to go forward.  Read more

Bethel boar on the way out; Governor signs bill banning boar

According to elected officials and wildlife advocates, there are numerous operations across the country and New York State in which wild boars are kept in fenced enclosures and shot by people who pay for the experience.  Read more