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May 2012

Reject Local Law #3

“Everything is prohibited unless permitted” is a very bad way to start a new local law. The primary objection of the Beaverbrook Rod & Gun Club Board of Directors is that the proposed Local Law #3 is both illegal and unethical and, if adopted, would have a devastating impact upon the town that we all agree is a great natural resource. The Beaver Brook Rod & Gun Club Board of Directors and its membership are committed to protecting our land and our community and we believe the best way to do this is to reject proposed Local Law #3.  Read more

Lumberland loses a shining star

This week, Sullivan County and in particular, the Town of Lumberland, lost a shining star: Greg Bodnaruik. Greg, along with his wife Cheri and their children Tomara and Adeline, followed in the tradition of his parents, Walter and Tina: tirelessly working towards the betterment of our community. His father, being a founder of the Lumberland planning board, can be proud of his son’s accomplishments. He was on the planning board, the zoning rewrite committee and the environmental council, just to name a few of his contributions.  Read more

Questions on Bosch’s comments

I was astonished to hear Highland councilman Fred

Bosch read a statement on the town’s proposed gas drilling law at the May 4 public hearing. I’ve attended many hearings, including as secretary of the Highland Planning Board in the ‘80s, and I’ve never heard a board member at a hearing give his own opinion—which is supposed to be influenced by what the public has to say.

Was Bosch speaking as a member of the town board? As a private citizen? A large landholder?  Read more

A ‘neutral’ board

Attending the Town of Highland public hearing about natural gas drilling, I was impressed with the effort of the supervisor and town board members who, that same day, took a trip to Bradford County, PA to better educate themselves on the issue of whether or not to allow the industrial transformation that would come with gas drilling, into their town. They were open to hearing what the public had to say.  Read more

Not “we, the acres”

At the Delaware Town Board meeting on April 18, Noel van Swol repeated his claim of representing a “land-owner” group of 10,000 acres in the town. Asked how many Delaware people were in his group, he declined to answer, saying that it was privileged information, useful to the gas companies in their negotiations for leases.

Perhaps that’s true, although I’m not sure how. But there is another possible reason for keeping it secret. Polls in our area show that a large majority of people are against fracking, and this is still a country of “we, the people,” not “we, the acres.”  Read more

Ask not what you have to do

New York State’s anti-gas movement is a very modern movement indeed. By “modern,” I mean it asks not one sacrifice or inconvenience from its adherents and membership while demanding something extreme from someone else.

It’s been said this lack of personal sacrifice for a desired result is at the center of America’s general decline, specifically when compared with the extreme personal sacrifice of our grandparents’ generation.  Read more

CROC thanks TRR’s Fox

I am writing in response to Jonathan Fox’s article, “The Liberty Free Theatre Celebrates Life.” He did an amazing job of describing what sets Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer (CROC) apart from other cancer support groups. His heartfelt words resulted in a full house. Thanks to the publicity from the article, over $1,000 was raised to support cancer survivors in Sullivan, Orange and Ulster counties. Many thanks to Jonathan Fox of The River Reporter, who has turned his own personal tragedy with cancer into triumph by helping others through the power of his words.

Dana Taylor  Read more

The myth of the inexorable

Up until last week, the replacement of the Pond Eddy Bridge seemed like an unstoppable juggernaut, regardless of the absurdity of replacing a historic landmark connecting a tiny rural hamlet to a settlement of a couple of dozen people with a $10-12 million, 40-ton structure suitable for an urban artery.  Read more

Success rate

SULLIVAN COUNTY, NY — “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming,” said the late John Wooden, whose 100-year life included his legendary basketball-coaching career of the UCLA Bruins, which yielded an unprecedented 10 national championships. Success abounds locally both individually and team wise and it is most certainly attributable to Wooden’s maxim. Succinctly put, our kids are giving it all they’ve got and the results are proportionately remarkable.  Read more

Liberty man sentenced to 8 ½ years in connection with Shop Rite robbery

Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell announced today that James Taurino, 39, of Liberty, N.Y. was sentenced in Sullivan County Court to 8 ½ years in state prison and 5 years of post release supervision for Robbery in the 2nd Degree.  Read more